Healing the Broken Hearted


In Luke 4:18, Jesus listed several aspects of His ministry. One of the primary focuses of His ministry that He listed in this verse is healing the brokenhearted. The church has many folks who live with a broken heart and struggle for years to find a way out of the pain and hurt they live in.

The Lord started teaching me about the heart many years ago and little by little, I began to see more about how the heart worked as defined in the scriptures. It wasn't until I had a solid understanding of the heart that the Lord started teaching me specifically about a broken heart. The understanding He gave to me would serve me well as I went through a season of difficulty.

This book is a summary of the things the Lord has taught me over the years about the heart. It seems that traditional teachings in the church about broken hearts try to deal with the emotional traumas folks experience. These teachings always seemed to be lacking something.

God is a Spirit. God is also a faith God. If Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted then somewhere He would have to include the Spirit and faith to effect a healing in people's lives. This book explains how the Lord will heal the broken heart but it also has to first answer the question, "What is the heart?"