The Will of Man


Much is taught about the sovereignty of God, but what about the sovereignty of man? In God's plan for mankind, He chose to grant us one of His greatest attributes - a free will. If something isn't right in our lives, we have a choice in the matter...we can do something about it. In Abraham's covenant, the Lord told Abraham He would do all the hard work in the covenant if Abraham would only choose to accept it. In the plan of redemption, the Lord again did all the hard work and presents the finished work to us, to our will, to make a choice in the matter.

In this book we will look at the root of many of the problems we deal with in life. Through this study, we will gain insight into how the right adjustments can be made for our greater success. The Word of God is clear on this matter. Ultimately, the fruit we enjoy comes from the decisions we choose to make.